product name: Emamectin benzoate 0.6% ·Hexaflumuron 3.4% ME brand name:Insecticides

Active ingredients:Emamectin benzoate0.6%·Hexaflumuron 3.4%


ICAMA Reg No.:PD20094163   GB20694-2006   XK13-003-00315

This product has  better contact toxicity、stomach toxicity and weak stifling poison.  After applying The product can effectively penetrate crop skin organization  and has a longer validity. It has a better control efficiency for Spodoptera  exigua.

Operation  Guidance

Targets:Spodoptera exigua
dosage:10-15 ml/acre
1.          Using this product in early period of Spodoptera exigua occurred, and keeps    spraying evenly.
2.          When spraying, we must avoid spraying drift to other    sensitive crops, and prevent generate phytotoxicity.

3.          Do not spraying in a windy day or rain within one hour.


1.        Pre-harvest interval: 3 days; using twice at most during a  growing season.
2.        It is better to keep a rotation system using different pesticides  to delay resistance of pesticides,
3.        This product is toxic to bee、fish and silkworm,so do not spraying around silkworm rearing room and mulberry  field and keep away from aquiculture areas. Do not wash pesticide application  equipment around pool.
4.        Do not mix with alkalescent pesticide.
5.        Please wear veil and glove to avoid touch with pesticide,  and clean the skin of exposure after spray.
6.        Pregnant and lactating mothers avoid contact with this  product.

Emergency  and First Aid Procedures

Early  symptoms of poisoning, dilated pupils, disorders of action, muscle tremors, and  severe case leading to vomiting. Accidentally inhaled, the patient should be  moved to the air circulation office.Flush with plenty of water more than  15min when spattered into eyes. Wrongly quoted immediately spit and give  patients taking ipecac syrup, or ephedrine, but not to induce vomiting to  coma, or irrigation anything. To avoid the use of rescue for patients to  enhance γ-aminobutyric acid activity of drugs, such as phenobarbital,  valproic acid and so on.

Storage and Transport  

Store  in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, locked place. Do not use or store in or  around the home, near heat, open flame or hot surfaces. Do not transport or  store with food, beverages, fodder and other goods together. Used containers  should be properly handled, Can not be used for other purposes, also can not  be arbitrarily discarded.

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