product name: 10%Imidacloprid WP brand name:Insecticides

Active ingredients:10%Imidacloprid


ICAMA Reg. No.:PD20060124   HG3671-2000   XK13-003-00241

This  product is using micro jet mill to add armor-piercing additives. The product  has fine powder particles, high suspension and without dregs after dispensing.  Armor-piercing has a strong penetration on sucking insects. It can make a  better effect using at the temperature above 20℃.  

Operation Guidance

Crop:Cruciferae    vegetables   Rice
Insecticides:Aphids   Rice brown    planthopper
Dosage:150-300g/ha.   300-450g/ha.

Method:Spray   Spray

1.     Please    spray evenly in the early stage of pests occurring.
2.     When    spraying, we must avoid spray drift to other sensitive crops, and prevent    generate phytotoxicity.
3.     Do not    spraying in a windy day or rain within one hour.


1.      Pre-harvest interval: 7 days, three times  during a growing season.
2.      It’s better to use the product and other insecticide  with other mechanism to delay its resistance.
3.      It’s harmful to bees, fishes, and silkworm.  Please avoid its effect on swarm honey crop, silkworm room, and mulberry  field. Keep away from aquaculture area when spraying. It’s forbidden to clear  tools in the river.
4.      This product can not be mixed with the alkalescence  material etc
5.      Wear coveralls or long-sleeved uniform and  head covering, not smoke, drink and eat when transferring. Launder all work  clothing after work.
6.  Pregnant woman and lactation woman should  keep away from the product.

Emergency  and First Aid Procedures

Toxic  symptom: twitch, disgusting, spasm, vomiting.
Immediately  move patient to ventilated place when inadvertently inhaled pesticide. Flush  with plenty of water more than 15min when spattered into eyes. Immediately  lavage, catharsis when poisoning and then go to hospital with the label.

Storage and Transport

Store  in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, locked place. Do not use or store in or  around the home, near heat, open flame or hot surfaces. Store in original  containers only. Do not contaminate other materials, or allow this material  to be contaminated by improper storage or handling.

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