product name: Imidacloprid 70% WDG brand name:Insecticides

Active ingredients:Imidacloprid 70%


The product is composed with imidacloprid and buprofezin. It can be absorbed after spraying and transmitted with plant juice in the plant. It’s effective to rice brown planthopper.

Operation Guidance

Insecticides:Rice brown planthopper


1.      Please spray evenly in the early stage of pests occurring.

2.      When spraying, we must avoid spray drift to other sensitive crops, and prevent generate phytotoxicity.
3.      Do not spraying in a windy day or rain within one hour.


1.      Pre-harvest interval: 14 days, twice during a growing season.
2.      It’s better to use the product and other insecticide with different mechanism to delay its resistance.
3.      It’s harmful to bees, fishes, and silkworm. Please avoid its effect on swarm honey crop, silkworm room, and mulberry field. Keep away from aquaculture area when spraying. It’s forbidden to clear tools in the river.
4.      This product can not be mixed with the alkalescence material etc
5.      Wear coveralls or long-sleeved uniform and head covering, not smoke, drink and eat when transferring. Launder all work clothing after work.
6.  Pregnant woman and lactation woman should keep away from the product.

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