product name: Abamectin 5% SC brand name:Insecticides

Active ingredients:Abamectin 5%


ICAMA Reg. No.:PD20090754  Q/QHY030-2006   HNP37022-A3723

This  product uses armor-piercing coal technology. It is a hypertonic methomyl with  fast effect. It has good effect the eggs of the pests making them generation  divorce and controlling the pest with a long time. This product is processed  using coagulation nuclear attacking technology with strong penetration,  easier to kill the pests.

Operation Guidance

Insecticides:Diamondback moth
1.     Please    spray evenly when the pests are in low instar stage.
2.     When    spraying, we must avoid spray drift to other sensitive crops, and prevent    generate phytotoxicity.

3.  Do not    spraying in a windy day or rain within one hour.


1.      Pre-harvest interval: 7 days in Cruciferae  vegetable.
2.      It’s better to use the product and other insecticide  with different mechanism to delay its resistance.
3.      It’s harmful to bees, fishes, and silkworm.  Please avoid its effect on swarm honey crop, silkworm room, and mulberry  field. Keep away from aquaculture area when spraying. It’s forbidden to clear  tools in the river.
4.      This product can not be mixed with the alkalescence  material etc
5.      Wear coveralls or long-sleeved uniform and  head covering, not smoke, drink and eat when transferring. Launder all work  clothing after work.
6.  Pregnant woman and lactation woman should  keep away from the product.

Emergency  and First Aid Procedures

Poisoning  symptom: breathing difficulty, muscle tremors, miosis, spiritual trance,  walking instability, sweat, salivation, diarrhea. In severe cases, there is  also coma, convulsions, difficulty breathing, froth at the mouth,  incontinence, convulsions, respiratory paralysis. First aid treatment:  atropine 0.5-2mg subcutaneous or intravenous injection (according to the  severity of intoxication) in serious cases please increase adrenaline,  disable pralidoxime, morphine, theophylline and so on. As soon as vomiting,  gastric lavage, catharsis when intake by mistake.

Storage and Transport  

Store  in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, locked place. Do not use or store in or  around the home, near heat, open flame or hot surfaces. Store in original  containers only. Do not contaminate other materials, or allow this material  to be contaminated by improper storage or handling.

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