Hailir Group honorably gets into top 100 of China private petrochemical enterprises

release date:2016/12/1 11:37:35 Views:297

On November 26, hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation(Hereinafter referred to as CPCIF) Working Committee of SMEs , the 2016 China private petrochemical enterprises conference and private enterprise international development forum was held in Linyi, Shandong. The meeting released top one hundred private petrochemical enterprises in 2016,China. Hailir Group gets into top 100 honorably.


Top 100 Conference of private petrochemical enterprises in China is jointly organized by CPCIF and local governments,aiming to create a professional, branding annual industry event. It is not only a communication platform for high-level decision-makers to explore business development, business opportunities and cooperation, but also a cooperation platform for top 100 enterprises and local government to achieve common development consciousness. The selected enterprises covered a wide range of industries, distinctive industrial features and obvious scale advantages , which intensively reflected the development results of private petrochemical economy over the years.


Hailir will insist to implementing innovative,Coordinated,Green,Open and sharing development strategy.  It will also attach more importance on structural reform of supply side,to implement Innovation-driven strategy and sustainable development strategy,to improve the international operation level, to strengthen industry cooperation. As top 100 enterprises, Hailir will play demonstration functions to others, guide private economy to healthy direction and contribute itself to changing China from big petrochemical country to strong petrochemical country.