New Stragety New Purpose New Development

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New Stragety New Purpose New Development 

On Dec 17th, Group executives finalized group’s strategy on the basis of Oct’s seminar outcomes.  The three-year strategic objective is to comprehensively rank in top 15. Group has five sources of confidence: first one is the capital advantage after coming into the market,;second is the market prospect after new technical item going into production; Third is well-grounded development after several year’s marketing transformation;Fourth is the research advantage in domestic;Fifth is the development pattern after confirming the emerging business areas. In order to implement this strategy effectively, company set eight detailed strategy to support the overall strategic objectives.        

The first one is the family culture integration strategy. Company need combine family culture characteristic with Hailir’s feature, also combine the traditional culture and time spirit. In view of the practical work, company need penetrate core idea of Hailir’s family culture to different position and group, lead staffs combine personal’s progress to Hailir group’s development,combine personal’s happiness to Hailir family’s harmoniousness.

Second one is talent echelon construction strategy, group need construct a talent echelon with Hailir feature,highly approval to group’s culture,outstanding profession foundation,high loyalty group and matching talent echelon, so as to supporting the implement of Hailir’s overall strategy  effectively.

Thirdly is strategy to optimize the sales channels. On the first side company need focus on sales channel by establishing new alliance relationship with valued customer and the world’s leading multinational companies. On the other side company need focus on the supply channel,aiming to get best raw material and most favorable price. We need decrease purchasing cost and ensure marketing share by promote channels in order to get more margin.   

Fourthly is to focus on important products. We need activate the energy and potential of the whole industry by manufacturing popular products and offer premium services. This can also strengthen Hailir’s culture influence.

Fifthly is to expand the international market. This is the first step for Hailir Group’s globalization and the most important profit mode except the area for selling formulations and technical. It has been ten years since foreign trade dep established. Foreign trade dep made breakthrough constantly to cooperate with external market, but the market share is obviously inadequate, so the strategy to expand the international market emerges as the time requires.

Sixthly is the strategy to keep sustainable development. Technical manufacturing and trade is Hailir’s major profit origin. Hailir’s discourse power in the technical market will be effectively strengthened along with putting into production new technical like pyraclostrobin. The major problem for technical manufacturing is to ensure the safety and environment-friendly.

Seventhly is the strategy to capture new product market. Research is the core to ensure Hailir stand in the leading position,however in recent year, Hailir’s advantage in the different products has been weaken. In the new development and strategy period,the core work for research dep is to focus on the product that is going to pass the patent period.

Eighthly is to expand new emerging business, which mainly include new business except functional fertilizers, Tianditou,management mode and other fixed business. The purpose is to complete the whole industry chain service and focus on the most advanced policy and marketing changes with the development of the country and time.