Entrepreneurs Forum of Chengyang District Was held in Hailir group

release date:2017/9/9 11:46:46 Views:597

On 30th August, Chengyang district Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chengyang district Youth entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce held the old and new entrepreneurs forum of Chengyang district at the headquarters of Hailir group. Hailir Chaiman Ge Yaolun was invited to attend the meeting and shared the entrepreneurial experience, also answered emerging entrepreneurs doubts in the process of growing up. Chengyang District People's Congress deputy director, Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Yan Feng, deputy head of the United Front Work Department, the Federation of Industry and Commerce Party Secretary Liu Huixiao and other leaders attended the meeting, and more than 20 well-known entrepreneurs in Chengyang District attended the meeting.

During the forum, Ge Yaolun reviewed from the beginning of graduation to the Hailir listed on SSE, shared more than 30 years of accumulated valuable growth experience.He stressed people need abide by the integrity, to take integrity as the foundation of the life, to keep learning, and constantly to improve themself, to dare to innovate and create , to have the courage to face difficulties. There should be a clear strategic planning, but don’t foolhardy, besides, need have the courage to accept and take the initiative to change the new things. In the memories, Ge Yaolun also interact with young entrepreneurs to solve their problems in the development and put the positive comments. for young entrepreneurs generally concerned listing problem, Ge Yaolun also described the accumulation of experience in the process of listing, and made suggestions and opinions for them.