Safety Theme Month/ The group deeply carries out the safety theme month activities to implement the "safety is the sky" enterprise survival concept

release date:2019/7/6 19:24:48 Views:1700

Prevention of risks, elimination of hidden dangers ,prevention of accidents ",safety is a permanent topic for usIn order to implement the corporate survival philosophy of safety is the sky, environmental protection is the land, quality is the life, talent is the root, further consolidate the foundation of safety management. effectively prevent production safety accidents, build a long-term mechanism for safe production, firmly establish the concept of safety first, prevention first, ensure the safety of employees' production operations, and promote the development of enterprises to achieve good, fast and safe development. In June, the Group vigorously Safety theme month activities were carried out and every factories actively carried out a series of safety theme activities.


The Shandong Hailir factory launched the safety month launching ceremony. All employees' learned the safety month publicity video and signed the security banner to express their determination to implement the company's security system resolutely. The two-system knowledge contest, Identify hidden dangers by looking at pictures, the internal supervision of the two-system and the promotion training of the team leader helped the staff to consolidate their safety knowledge.

The Laixi factory held safety training, taught the factory employees safety production knowledge, combined with professional safety fire drills, and briefed the results and improvement measures of this drill to improve the safety awareness of all employees.

The Audis factory also actively responded to the call, conducted a fire drill for the whole plant and an effective signing ceremony for the prevention of safety production accidents.


Qingdao Hailir has always regarded safety issues as the focus of work, and safety fire training has also been implemented ahead of schedule. On June 26, the security department of Chengyang District went to Qingdao Hailir to conduct safety knowledge training. All employees read the swearing-in for safety production and started activities such as robot fire extinguishing and imitation fire fighting. Modern high-tech fire-fighting methods have opened the eyes of all employees, and on-site participation has improved employees' emergency handling capabilities for safety incidents.

On June 25th, the headquarters of the group conducted a fire drill. The fire propaganda staff of Chengyang Fire Brigade taught fire safety knowledge in four aspects: checking the ability to eliminate fire hazards, organizing the initial fire-fighting ability, organizing evacuation and escape ability, and fire prevention and education. All employees working at the headquarters escaped. And fire fighting drills. Hanging promotional slogans, professional fire drills, detailed training content, strict knowledge contests, and security checks on the ground, the concept of "safety is the sky" is blooming in the hearts of every Hailir’s people.

Safety production, keep ringing the alarm bell. The vigorous development of the security theme month has enhanced the awareness of safety production for all employees, improved managerial responsibility and safety management capabilities, and jointly built a safe, secure and comfortable working environment