Congratulations | Ge Yaolun, Chairman of Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group, won the title of "Shandong Province's Excellent Socialist Builder with Chinese Characteristics"

release date:2019/7/19 16:56:35 Views:1751

On the morning of July 12th, the 7th Shandong Province Non-public Ownership Economics Excellent Socialist Builders Commendation Conference and Private Enterprise Service Conference was held in Jinan. The secretary’s important speech on the development of the private economy and the spirit of important instructions have inspired the private entrepreneurs to actively participate in the fiery practice of high-quality development. The conference informed the "Notice on the Recognition of the Builders of the 7th Shandong Non-Public Economics with Excellent Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" and awarded 146 non-public economic entities and new social strata "Shandong Province's non-public economic elites outstanding China" The title of "the builder of characteristic socialist cause". As a representative of the non-public economy, GeYaolun , chairman of Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group , was awarded this honor.