HAILIR pesticides group was awarded "BAA most innovative agricultural materials brand"

release date:2019/8/9 14:18:49 Views:1715

On July 26, 2019, BAA million business conference and agricultural production and marketing expo, hosted by the media of agricultural materials and market, opened in nanning international convention and exhibition center.The dinner presented an award for "BAA's most ingenious brand of agricultural materials", among which the honor of helier pharmaceutical group was listed.

"BAA is the most innovative brand of agricultural materials," the citation said. "they use innovation to expand business, technology to define quality, and service to enhance experience.They abide by the quality, explore the application, withstand the inspection of the market layer by layer;They win the trust of the market and the satisfaction of the users by virtue of high quality and remarkable effect.The soul of quality lies in craftsmanship.They are the land of the motherland melon and fruit fragrance, granule returns the stable safeguard of cang, they are the brand that the whole industry has originality most farming endowment!

A strong agriculture makes a strong country.As a leader in pesticide industry, Hailir,pharmaceutical group focuses on crop science, serves world agriculture, focuses on products and services in the spirit of "craftsman", sticks to pesticide industry, and endowing thousands of growers with energy!