Global Ph.D. Qingdao Training Camp visited the group

release date:2019/8/28 9:12:33 Views:1624

        On August 21st, 18 doctors and 1 postdoctoral fellow of the Global Doctoral Training Camp visited our group. The Human Resources Department warmly received the delegation and held a discussion.

        In the group exhibition hall, Liu Changbing, hiring manager of the Human Resources Department, gave a detailed overview of the group's development history, product advantages and future prospects. The delegation fully affirmed Hailir's achievements. In the R&D center, the delegation visited the analytical laboratory, pesticide formulation laboratory, intelligent worm house, plant culture room, etc., and highly praised the research and development of hardware facilities, scientific research personnel cultivation and scientific research achievements.

        During the discussion, Mr. Zhang Zhenduo, Director of Human Resources Training, and Dr. Hu Tanglu, Director of R&D Center, explained the Group's talent development concept and future planning of the R&D Center. The delegation said that Hailir is a strong group and is unique in the selection and cultivation of talents. It is second to none in the field of pesticide chemicals. After a day of research and study, The group has initially reached the employment intention with one postdoctoral fellow and two doctors and improved the group's talent development system, thus providing a talent drive for the Group's research and innovation and in-depth development.