2019 Hailir pesticide forum is held successfully

release date:2019/9/11 17:20:39 Views:1507

In order to interpret the situation of pesticide industry, improve the technical level of the industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry, 2019 Hailir pesticide BBS and 19th Shandong pesticide information exchange conference was held in Qingdao on August 6.Li zhonghua, vice President of China pesticide industry association, Hua rongjun, secretary general of China pesticide development and application association, Yang wujie, director of pesticide management office of shandong agriculture and rural affairs department, and other leaders attended the meeting.Group chairman Ge yaolun and President ge jiacheng were invited to attend the opening ceremony.The conference focused on the theme of "new technology leads the industry to upgrade", seeking development and innovation, attracting more than 500 industry representatives from all over shandong.

Meeting first by the President of Ge ,to the coming to the meeting on behalf of the group leaders and delegates welcome speech, he said, pesticide information exchange in shandong province has successfully held the 18th, attending scale in recent years, more and more strong, the pesticide industry set an example and benchmarking, wish the conference a complete success, and make contributions to the development of Chinese pesticide.The conference organized more than 30 lectures on the latest industry policies and norms, the difficulties and tests faced by the industry, and the reduction and increase of pesticide application and efficiency. Experts participated in the conference actively Shared data analysis and theoretical demonstration, and representatives of the industry took the initiative to talk about vision and experience from their own practice.BBS continues to provide a good reference for industry development and product research and development.It is particularly important to point out that this year, Hailir ushered in the 20th anniversary celebration, to take this grand event, President Ge jiacheng to all the representatives of the parties to issue a sincere invitation, welcome all representatives at that time to gather in the island city, visit the company to visit the guidance, together with Hailir people, get together, enjoy the grand ceremony.