The company released the semi-annual report of 2019

release date:2019/9/16 15:11:55 Views:1547

On August 28, the company released the semi-annual report for 2019. The company achieved operating income of 1.430 billion yuan in the first half of the year, up 14.48% year-on-year; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 201 million yuan, down 16.54% year-on-year; weighted average return on equity 9.75%; the company's earnings per share was 1.18 yuan. The company's own net profit decline, mainly due to the continued low price of imidacloprid and acetamiprid, and the shrinking market volume.


In the first half of 2019, the domestic security and environmental protection situation remained grim. The overall market for pesticides and pesticides showed a high-level shock consolidation trend. Due to the mismatch between supply and demand, prices fluctuated and the operating costs of agricultural materials increased. The management of the company conducts research and judgment according to the industry dynamics, prudently regulates the procurement and production rhythm, rationally controls the inventory structure, adheres to the transformation and promotion of all technical service, and accelerates the expansion of domestic and foreign markets and channels. The main business items of the company in the first half of the year: strengthening the strategic transformation of the technical services of the formulation sector; actively promoting the construction progress of the original drug projects under construction; completing the registration of equity incentives and fulfilling the results of the first phase; strengthening the layout and planning of overseas markets.