Hailir was included in the s&p dow

release date:2019/9/27 11:16:18 Views:1496

On Sept. 8, S&P dow Jones announced that 1,099 Chinese a-share listed companies would be included in the S&P Emerging BMI, A decision that took effect when the market opened Sept. 23.

The listed companies included in the standard & poor's dow Jones index include 147 large-cap stocks, 251 mid-cap stocks and 701 small-cap stocks. After they are included in the index with 25% inclusion factor, it is expected that a-shares will account for 6.2% of the index weight, and the Chinese market as A whole (including a-shares, Hong Kong stocks and overseas listed Chinese stocks) will account for 36% of the index weight.The inclusion does not include gem stocks.This also is near period of time come each big international index is right A the 3rd time dilate or include.

In the future, with the process of globalization of Chinese enterprises starting to realize the development of a large span, helier will make more full use of the international market and resources, strengthen its internationalization attributes, and establish global competitive advantages.Company management will continue to do a solid job in products and markets, adhere to a positive and steady business strategy, so as to achieve better performance to return the majority of investors.And the inclusion of the s&p dow Jones index itself will increase the company's market attention, enhance the impact of helier in capital markets, is likely to be favored by long-term international investors.