SINOAGRO widely favored by overseas distributors for its“differentiated” featured products

release date:2019/10/21 9:38:27 Views:1323

Established in 1996, Sino Agro-Chemical Industry Ltd. ("SINOAGRO"or the Company)


based in Shenzhen has a history of over two decades. In its early days, SINOAGRO was mostly an exporter of technical materials. Against the backdrop of a constantly changing global market and increasingly fierce competition over years, SINOAGRO gradually settled its development direction and foothold, which is to focus on featured products in terms of formulation and differentiation to provide customers with better plant protection solutions and related services. The Company is dedicated to providing quality products up to high standards, effective and excellent services with highly honored good faith.


In recent years, SINOAGRO has taken a different development path from that of most domestic competitors by giving priority to the exportation of pesticide formulations and attaching greater importance to the differentiation of products, which specifically refers to the efficacy differentiation of conventional products and market differentiation of non-conventional ones, efficiently avoiding product homogenization and getting around disordered, malicious market competition. SINOAGRO also pursues differentiated product efficacy and formulas for better quality, making every effort to satisfy the customers with varied demands. The Company has launched a number of featured products with unique formulas, as well as several novel combinations. By advantage of the Companys targeted R&D efforts, some of its products even showed higher efficacy than those of multinational companies. These products have also been favored by the distributors and farmers in the Philippines, Indonesia and other markets, becoming a named brand locally and even widely known in neighboring countries.