The Tea Party for Senior Employees of Hailey Pharmaceutical Group Held Successfully

release date:2019/11/8 16:10:36 Views:1447

On November 3rd, the tea party for the old employees of Hailir group’s was warmly opened in Wanda Jiahua hotel,.A total of 31 old employees from all over the world who had worked for or always worked for hailir attended the tea party, which was presided over by group human resources director Mr.Ye weibin.

First of all, the chairman of the group, Mr.Ge yaolun, extended a warm welcome to all the old employees, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the old employees who contributed to the development of hailir’s career, and expressed good wishes to all the old hailir people.

Mr.Li sheng, human resources department of the group, made a detailed report on the development process, current situation and future situation of hailir. All the old employees appreciated hailir's development status and did not feel proud as a former hailir person.

In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the old employees Shared the details of their personal development with hailir, and learned the skills of work and survival from hailir's work.The old employees expressed their gratitude and blessings to hailir and offered Suggestions for the future development.Finally, the company prepared a special gift for each old employee and took a group photo.

"Hailir is the stage to display talent, Hailir is the platform to help growth" is almost the consensus of every old employee of hailir.Wherever he was, the spirit of hailir was in his blood and genes.we believe that there will be more aspiring people to join the hailir’s family and ignite their dreams with professional progress and passion of struggle, so as to create a career platform that is beneficial to the country and the society.