Biological pesticides will become an important driving force for the development of green agriculture in China

release date:2019/12/2 8:50:34 Views:1084

As an environmental protection industry that improves the ecological environment and people's health, in the development of green agriculture and biological agriculture in China, how to effectively control the infestation and harm of agricultural pests, reduce the pollution of pesticides on the agricultural environment and products, so as to greatly improve the quality of agricultural products?On November 9, the sixth China insect virus prevention and control of pesticides and biological pesticide green peak BBS in jiangxi yichun, hundred experts and scholars and biological pesticide mingyue mountain enterprise research on behalf of the party, mutual discussion is given priority to with viral insecticide biological control integrated technology, accelerate the biological control technology and the green plant user's production and marketing of products and organic docking, promote the rapid development of biological pesticide industry in China.

With the theme of "innovation, sharing and win-win development", the forum has been held for six consecutive times since 2012, when China's first 1000-ton xilong biological broad-spectrum insect virus preparation industrialization demonstration project was put into operation.The forum has always focused on the technological innovation and application of insect virus insecticides in China, promoting the development of biological pesticides and green prevention and control industry in China. This forum has also held a special discussion on the prevention and control of the invasive insect pests in the grass in 2019, especially the biological control technology.

Deputy director of the institute, Chinese academy of sciences, wuhan virus GuanWuXiang keynote report on the BBS, reviews the relevant studies of insect virus pesticides of the series, he points out that with the long-term heavy use of chemical pesticides, chemical pesticide pests resistance increases, lead to control effect is declining, and pesticide residue is more and more serious threat to the ecological environment, and the characteristics of biological pesticide, with its high security represents the pest prevention and control of new technology, insect virus pesticides as an important category of biological pesticide has the unique advantages of environment friendly, no residue,His industry development is an important driving force for the development of bio-agriculture and green agriculture in China, and he firmly believes that the green prevention and control of insect virus insecticides and bio-pesticides in China will make even more gratifying achievements in the future.

On the forum report with the theme of "transforming pest control technology and promoting green prevention and control technology", Yang puyun, director of the department of pharmaceutical devices of the national agricultural technical extension service center, pointed out that green prevention and control is not just a technical act, but a lasting plant protection system project, which pursues sustainable governance and has social welfare.It is necessary to follow the technical principles of cultivating healthy crops, utilizing biological diversity, applying beneficial organisms and using pesticides scientifically, and adopt the prevention and control technology that has the least impact on beneficial organisms to control diseases and insects, establish breeding corridors or shelters for beneficial organisms, and control viruses by combining artificial reproduction with releasing natural enemies.In terms of application, priority should be given to the use of biological pesticides or pesticides with high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue for symptomatic application.He said that the establishment of an institutional system with social consensus, working mechanism guarantee, market demand and policy support will accelerate the promotion of green prevention and control technologies into barrier-free channels.