Biopesticides will be an important driving force for China’s the green agriculture development

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As an environmental-friendly industry with a final purpose of protecting the ecological environment and improving our health status, green agriculture and biological agriculture have been developed fast these years. Then here comes a question, how to make the damage brought by pest in our control and how to reduce the harm of pesticide to agriculture as well as how to greatly improve agriculture products quality?

On 9th, November, the 6th China insect virus insecticide and biopesticide green control Summit Forum was hold in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, over hundred experts and representative from biopesticide enterprises nationwide met at the Mingyue Mountain, discussing the comprehensive technology of biological control based on virus insecticide and talking over about how to speed up the production and marketing docking of biological control technology and products with organic green planting users and promote the development of biopesticide industry in China.

This forum is as the theme of “innovation, sharing, mutually beneficial,and development”, which was 6 years old since the first forum held in 2012 when the industrial demonstration project of 1000 ton Xinlong biological broad-spectrum insect virus preparation was put into operation. The forums always focuses on the technical innovation and application of insect virus insecticides in China, discussing about the promotion for Chinese biopesticide, as well as develping the green prevention and control. While on this forum, experts and representatives held a special discuss on prevention and control of noctuidae which do great harm to the grassland, mainly focused on the Biological control .
  Mr.Wuxiang,Guan who is the vice president of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences showed all achievements in insect virus insecticides by Wuhan Institute of Virology. And Mr. Guan pointed that pests are getting great chemical pesticide resistance because that people heavily used the chemical pesticides in long time, which caused that the effect of prevention getting worse day by day, also threat to the ecological environment posed by pesticide residues was getting more serious day by day. While Biopesticides could represent a kind of new technology for pest control because it is of high efficient and high safety. As an important class of biopesticides, insect virus insecticides have a unique advantage which is environmental-friendly and non-residue. So that the development of insect virus insecticides will be an important driving force for the growth of bio agriculture and green agriculture in China. And he believed that China is bound to achieve more gratifying achievements in the future on insect virus insecticides and green agriculture.

Mr.Yang Puyun, Director of pharmacy of The National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center, showed us on the report of the forum as a theme of “transform of pest control technology, promote green prevention and control technology” that the green prevention and control is a sustainable plant protection system more than a single technical behavior, as it is pursuing sustainable management, and it is social welfare. People should keep the principle to cultivate healthy crops, to use biodiversity, to take advantage of beneficial organisms, and to apply pesticides scientifically, so that we could make use of the technical prevention and control which has the minimal impact on the population of beneficial organisms to build breeding shelters for beneficial organisms and then to unite the artificial propagation and to release their natural enemies to control the virus. Meanwhile, in the pesticide application, there is a priority use of biopesticides, as those high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue pesticide. He said that we could establish a system with public consensus, guaranteed working mechanism, huge market demand, and policy support, to accelerate the green prevention and control technology into clear popularizations.