With words in the future, seek common development -- Qingdao pesticide industry association held a grand conference

release date:2020/1/4 13:36:37 Views:960

On December 10, 2019, the founding conference and the first general meeting of Qingdao pesticide industry association were held in Qingdao Detai hotel. Mr. Geraolun, chairman of Hailir Pesticides and Chemical Group.was elected as President of the first Qingdao pesticide industry association.


It is understood that at present, Qingdao pesticide industry association has developed 53 member units, has become an important force in the development of Qingdao city. This conference marks the formal establishment of Qingdao pesticide industry association, and the development of the industry has a higher and deeper cooperation platform and communication channels, or will open the flourishing development of Qingdao pesticide industry.In the next step, Qingdao pesticide industry association will adhere to the "continue to serve the government, the industry, and enterprises" the purpose of the meeting, to promote the development of the pesticide industry to make more contributions.