In front of the battle "virus", pull together, Hailir in action!

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During the Spring Festival, a sudden natural disaster broke the joy and peace of the festival.The severe outbreak of xinguan pneumonia triggered a nationwide first-level response, and all provinces and regions followed closely the national decision and deployment to promote the implementation of the epidemic prevention work.Helier actively responded to the initiative of the national department of disease control and prevention by donating RMB 1 million to the municipal Red Cross society as the fund to fight against the epidemic.At the same time, as an agricultural capital enterprise, in order to ensure the timely supply of agricultural capital needed for grain planting and resume production on time, the group has formulated and issued a series of epidemic prevention management measures to ensure the health of employees, ensure the safety of working environment, and make preventive preparations for safe production after the resumption of work.

On January 27, ge jiacheng, President of the group, led the management team to set up the epidemic prevention and control team for the first time, discussed and formulated the prevention and control measures for the epidemic, and conveyed them to the headquarters and relevant persons in charge of each factory to implement the prevention and control instructions.The President personally deployed, coordinated personnel and materials, supervised the implementation of the prevention and control work, and required the heads of all units to report the health and stability of personnel and the situation of epidemic prevention and control on time every day, so as to make preparations for the resumption of work.

In the group headquarters, the hr department takes the lead in formulating the employee holiday trends questionnaire, and each department counts the employee trends and health status respectively, and reports it to the hr department.According to the actual situation, human resources department shall record and confirm the situation of hubei province and employees with abnormal physical conditions to ensure the health of each employee.After receiving the notice of the extension of vacation and the postponement of the resumption of work, the human resources department paid active attention to the labor compliance guidelines during the outbreak, answered the questions about working hours, salary payment, medical treatment and other issues during the outbreak, and guaranteed the legitimate rights and interests of employees.In addition, the staff on duty of the group headquarters regularly disinfects the office area, r&d center, restaurant, dormitory and other places every day, so as to keep the environment of the park clean and tidy and welcome everyone back to work.

The factory has also responded positively, consciously shut down production, do a good job in the unit epidemic prevention work.

Qingdao kaiyuan xiang factory formulated the response plan for fighting the epidemic, set up the emergency command team, equipped the on-duty staff with protective equipment such as protective masks, medical alcohol and disinfectant, and required the staff to wear masks at all times.Conduct daily temperature check and registration for employees;Set up hand-washing areas, strict hand-washing requirements;Carry out strict disinfection on each area and keep good records;Require guards to strictly control access;Staff dining single table, to avoid infection, and timely report the information to the kaiyuan xiang management group and the factory communication group.

While actively cooperating with the requirements of the development zone, shandong helier factory firmly requires employees to wear masks, conduct alcohol spraying and disinfection, take the temperature of employees on duty every day, and do a good job in prevention and publicity, and cooperate with the government inspection work of the management committee.The employees said that the leaders of the company attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic and personally supervised and implemented epidemic prevention measures every day.Employees will also cooperate with epidemic prevention work, actively self-protection, not to increase the burden of the company, for epidemic prevention work to contribute their own strength!

Qingdao Hailir factory quickly set up an emergency team, and issued the epidemic management notice.Every day to the office area, the production area, the dormitory, the canteen personnel more than the gathering area for a full range of disinfection;Take temperature measurement 1-2 times a day;Special masks are issued and must be worn;Set up mask recovery sites and heat isolation areas.

Qingdao Audis factory, led by the human resources administration department, has set up an epidemic prevention team to carry out pre-entry inspection, plant disinfection and daily protection.The staff on duty must wear masks and take temperature test at least twice a day. It is forbidden to have meals face to face and to gather and chat. The factory should be disinfected twice a day and recorded strictly.

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In order to ensure the steady progress of various work, the group has entered a new mode of online office.All departments of the headquarters adopted online video conference, voice conference and other forms to carry out the work arrangement and professional knowledge training for 2020, and employees actively cooperated with each other and put into work with full enthusiasm.The sales staff is also "online resume work", through the form of us tweets, platform live broadcast and other forms, to bring crop knowledge training, sharing for partners, to do a good job in pre-medication publicity, to ensure smooth communication with partners, to provide partners with uninterrupted special services.

Fighting the epidemic, imperative, helier people in action!It is believed that under the leadership of the party and the country, under the concerted efforts of the whole nation, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will be eliminated as soon as possible!In the future, helier will continue to pay attention to the changes of the epidemic, do a good job in epidemic prevention, actively fulfill social responsibility, ensure the timely supply of agricultural supplies, for the outbreak of resolutely help!