Fight with epidemic situation, protect the spring ploughing, Hailir move on again!

release date:2020/3/10 10:16:32 Views:744

The novel coronavirus infection is still in a severe situation, and Hubei is still the top priority among priorities. At the critical moment of epidemic resistance and spring ploughing, Hailir has never forgotten the partners far away in the epidemic area and the mission of being the representative of the agricultural and chemical industry.

       On January 29th,  Hailir donated 1 million yuan to the Red Cross as a fund to fight against new coronavirus infection and pneumonia, used for epidemic fighting and prevention and control, including the purchase of urgently needed materials such as medicines and medical supplies, as well as the help and encouragement to front-line medical personnel, which fully demonstrates the sense of responsibility of corporate citizens and the spirit of great love and mutual help from the society.

       At the same time, the domestic preparation marketing center through a variety of forms for hubei customers refueling, express and hubei customers in the same ship with a strong determination. In order to boost customer confidence and reduce the pressure of the epidemic, on February 21, Hailir extended a helping hand again, providing more than 100,000 yuan of materials for customers in hubei province, sent to the disaster area through EMS at a rapid speed, and rushed to hubei province.

       There is a power called Chinese power, there is a spirit called unity, there is a love called brothers refueling. On the road of wind and rain, Hailir in their own way with hubei customers with growth, advance and retreat.