Why does dichlorvos, an insecticide used for more than 60 years, persist?

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With the severe situation of agricultural pest control and the strict quality control of pesticide products, how should we deal with it?The insecticide dichlorvos provides cost-effective pest management solutions for growers.

Development history of dichlorvos

In 1955, American Mattson discovered the insecticidal activity of dichlorvos. In 1958, China began to produce and use dichlorvos in large quantities, and through process optimization, the original drug content has reached more than 96%, and the quality has been improved step by step.Over the past 60 years, dichlorvos gradually replaced the insecticides, such as hexa66, DDT, 1605 and 3911, which had a long residual period and were highly toxic to humans, and played a great role in the control of agricultural pests.

Today, dichlorvos is still more than 20,000 tons in demand in China every year.Especially, jiangshan brand dichlorvos is trusted by farmers with its high quality for a long time.

The irreplaceable role of dichlorvos

Fumigation of dichlorvos

Under the condition of 20℃, the vapor pressure of dichlorvos is 2100mPa, while chlorpyrifos is only 1.43mpa under the same conditions. The fumigation capacity of chlorpyrifos is more than 1000 times that of chlorpyrifos, which is very easy to enter the insect respiratory system through the valve and spread to all parts of the insect, resulting in the death of the insect.

With this characteristic, dichlorvos in agricultural production for aphids, white whitefly and other stinging insects, green insects, jumping insect pests have the following USES: leaf spray, toxic soil method, flight control method, fumigation method.

The knockout speed is fast, not subject to the temperature limit

Because of the fast breeding rate of agricultural pests, they are often prone to outbreak and pose a great threat to agricultural production.For example, in recent years, the new arrival of the grassland nocturnal moth and the recent infestation of locusts in the Middle East, the fast knocking down of dichlorvos can quickly stop the pests from feeding and protect the crops to the greatest extent.

Action site is many, use method is flexible

Dichlorvos can also kill and poison the stomach.So some areas people have with the water to control the use of underground pest mole cricket, grubs, leek maggots.Since dichlorvos is easy to decompose in the soil and its residue is about 20% that of chlorpyrifos, it is economical to control leeks without residue.

The decomposition rate is fast and the residual period is short

The safety interval of dichlorvos was only 3 days in greenhouse and 7 days in open cultivation.Due to this advantage, dichlorvos can be safely used in the following crops as the public pays more and more attention to food safety:

After years of trials, only nantong jiangshan pesticide & chemical co., ltd. can produce dichlorvp normally in China, and its market share has reached more than 90%.The company has a complete set of environmental protection treatment facilities, stable supply of more than 20,000 tons of active medicine every year, for China's pest control, epidemic prevention and control of continuous contributions.

Precautions for use

1, beans and melons seedlings are prone to harm, the use of concentration should not be on the high side.

2, the product is toxic to people and livestock, easy to be absorbed by the skin and poisoning.Do not apply medicine at high temperature at noon to prevent poisoning.

3. Stop medication 7 days before vegetable harvest.

4. Do not mix with alkaline pesticides.

5, water solution decomposition fast, should be used now.

6, birds, fish, bees are sensitive to the product, should be used with caution.