Agricultural marketing competition in the way?

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One test results, a farmer, again and again to observe the scene, a piece of demonstration garden, a picture of recruit stickers, a banner, a dignified expert lectures, group package... Many of the agricultural service, become agricultural enterprises Baddeley marketing popularization. Walk through the countryside, locust like agricultural people active in the fields, after a lot of hard labor, the one of "farmers recognized" news transmitted to the enterprise, let the boss was ecstatic. Summarize the successful cases, the preparation process, in the team to quickly copy. Thus, the test process, the farmer will process, to observe the meeting process,...... Such as, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain organized Yueranzhishang, distributed to the hands of agricultural. It seems that the bosses can jinghoujiayin.
What is the effect? be known to all! What is the reason? Many people put the above marketing means the effect is not ideal reason to the executive power is not enough, then, improve the execution of the marketing means and so on.
Wait a minute, Distant water cannot quench present thirst, the sale did not go how to do?! Use of fertilizer in a peak can be wasted on the whole. The new haven't appeared, with the old way. Concessions, the following products to buy 300 to send 1000 friends! Is this a few days, don't miss. 30%?! The intensity is not small ah, the stampede in. My neighbor rushed to sit, quickly modeled on, sit the same next door next door quickly to keep up with,....... Preferential 30% soon lost the attraction, then play a bigger! Foreign company's products, not only the fidelity, buy a gift, gifts and commodities are exactly the same is real in the "buy one get one free". I think this is called "preferential buy two pay a more appropriate.
Kanguan do not think this is in sell fake and shoddy products, others discounted list of products are genuine goods, and preferential period with factory personnel arrived at the scene. Reader don't even think buy two pay is the biggest discount, this store is very headstrong, added a winning rate of 100 percent of the lottery.
Homogenization of the test demonstration, the homogeneity of the observation, homogenization of expert lectures, homogenization of the package,... In addition to the product name is different, there is no big difference, but not many new ideas. The aforementioned so many of the services marketing and marketing tools, and ultimately led to the still may not have the preferential tide. Tell me what it is not difficult to draw the conclusion, once turned into preferential preferential tide, is actually the price surge! As everyone knows, marketing is the sales of the engine, agricultural marketing is different, resulting in sales more difficult?
The reader must have noticed the recent impact presumably domestic prices downward information on future agricultural. Is not difficult to predict that next year of grain crop inputs must be cut. The next year a large number of agricultural products extrusion market economic crops is a foregone conclusion. More intense competitive environment, will lead to more violent next year, the preferential tide, so as to greatly squeeze the profits of manufacturers. Vendor's living environment is even worse.
In fact, do not have to wait until next year. The global agricultural industry leader circle sale news is not news. The boss like this, fellow sufferers can how?
As is known to all, marketing theory is the foundation to promote sales. In the fierce competition in the market environment, agricultural firms have to seek effective means of marketing in order to get rid of the predicament.
I think, get rid of the dilemma lies in the difference of marketing. But the future destiny of the agricultural marketing is marketing services to value-added by incremental transformation. Is the direction of agricultural marketing transformation:
The marketing team is the core of agricultural marketing system
At present most of the domestic agricultural manufacturers marketing team members after short-term rush into battle novice, their main job is propagandist Inn in retail stores. In fact at the retail store level has morphed into a journeyman manufacturers pay, in the aspects of manufacturers and wholesalers is reserve sales personnel training and selection.
Promotion team technical requirements is very strong, the main component should be experienced relatively rich talent, but evolved into a lack of practical experience, the promotion effect can be imagined.
With the expansion of the scale of land management, the growers to professional and comprehensive requirements of a substantial increase. The main battlefield of agricultural service from the channel to the field, the main service orientation from crops to agricultural products. Future promotion team is a core team of marketing system of agricultural manufacturers, most of the members with rich experience in the field, not only to provide packages of services, more can make suitable solution according to the grower demand, comprehensive field past and instant status.
Improved compatibility of package and crop solutions
At present, most of the domestic manufacturers to provide the package or solution is basically a large collection of factory products, for commercial utilitarian considerations, the basic exclusion of other manufacturers products. In view of the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer, there is currently little comprehensive effect of stable long-term use of the manufacturer's program. Moreover, manufacturers often scheme with the separation of their products in the different customers in the channel was mutilated beyond recognition.
The future of strong product resources and strong complementarity of the manufacturers and regional business cooperation, design suitable for local conditions. The compatibility of the program makes it more suitable for local growers, of course, also has a stronger market competitiveness.
Agricultural services into the legal system, charge fees and legal responsibility
To improve the level of commercialization of agricultural production, and land management scale continues to expand, with the result that the growers of agricultural service level also have higher requirements.