Congratulations on the sales of idle farmers exceeded 100 million yuan

On September 7th, thanks to the hard work of the idle farmers, the idle farmers made great achievements and exceeded 100 million yuan.

Qingdao Xian Nong Resistant Weed Control Co., Ltd., since its establishment at the end of 2016, under the clear guidance of the group's two-wheel drive strategy, and with the solidarity and hard work of the majority of idle peasants, it will eventually exceed 100 million yuan in September 2021. Mark.

In the past five years, "Xian Nong Lang" has taken root in the fields, provided technical services well, and made great achievements in product reserves, resistant public relations, focused services, strategic products, etc. This is also an important factor in achieving brilliant performance.

In the next step, the idle farmers will continue to focus on the three strategies and seven measures, uphold the core values of "customer first, integrity, and gratitude and return", and practice the mission of "focusing on crop science and serving the world's agriculture". The field sweats, achieves value, and promotes greater growth in performance.