congratulate! The group has won many honors from China Pesticide Industry Association

Recently, the China Pesticide Industry Association held the "Seventh Selection of Safe and Scientific Pesticide Demonstration Enterprises and Advanced Workers" awards ceremony and announced the list of winners. Hailir Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2021 Demonstration Unit for Safe and Scientific Use of Pesticide Training"; at the same time, the Suizhi Canyoumai project hosted by Hailir was awarded the "2021 Annual Excellent crop health management solutions", which further demonstrated the company's technical service level and reflected the company's philosophy of serving farmers.

The selection activity of demonstration enterprises for safe and scientific use of pesticides carried out by China Pesticide Industry Association has been held for seven consecutive sessions since 2015. , the strong support of agricultural production and sales enterprises, social service organizations, etc., has a certain authority.

Hailir has always adhered to the model of going to the field, and has carried out solid work in product approval, formulation research and development, indoor and outdoor bioassays, technology promotion and package application. The relevant personnel's safe, scientific and practical technologies and methods for pesticides have enabled countless customers and farmers to establish the concept of safe and scientific use of pesticides, and brought countless farmers with safe and scientific use of pesticides, making efficient and low-toxicity. To serve the vast number of farmers and help industrial development.

The group won two honorary titles of "Demonstration Unit for Safe and Scientific Use of Pesticide Training" and "Excellent Crop Health Management Solution", which is the affirmation and support of the grassroots promotion and training achievements of the Pesticide Industry Association and social groups. The Group will continue to adhere to the spirit of focusing on professionalism, take root hard, go deep into the front line and the field, do a good job in promotion demonstration experiments, do a good job in the training of pesticide safety and scientific use in the market, promote good products, improve service quality, and increase farmers' income and reduce pesticides. Contribute to controlling hazards and increasing agricultural production and income.