Hailir is shortlisted in 2021 Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprises by Sales Revenue

A few days ago, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation released the "2021 Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprise Sales Revenue Ranking List", and Hailir was on the list. According to the requirements of the document "Notice on Carrying out Research on Petroleum and Chemical Private Enterprises in 2021" (Sinopec Lianqifa [2021] No. 79), in accordance with the reporting principles, conditions and working procedures, based on the company's petroleum and chemical sales revenue in 2020 After sorting, the 2021 ranking list of the top 100 petroleum and chemical private enterprises in terms of sales revenue was finally formed, and Hailir ranked 75th.

The shortlisted companies, as the leaders of private petroleum and chemical enterprises, can fully implement the new development concept, grasp the development direction of the industry, focus on their main business, focus on core technologies in key areas, and accelerate their progress towards the mid-to-high end of the value chain. Hailir will conscientiously summarize the experience of innovation and development, insist on deep cultivation in the fields that it is good at, strengthen the building of quality brands, and make greater contributions to the construction of a high-quality and dual-cycle development pattern with practical actions to overcome difficulties!