Congratulations ! The list of green high-quality pesticide products was announced, and ' Domino ' was on the list.

        Based on the group standard of T / CCPIA 170-2021 " Green High Quality Pesticide Product Evaluation Specification, " China Pesticide Industry Association carried out the application of green high quality pesticide products. Finally, 36 of the 43 products voluntarily declared by pesticide production / operation units met the requirements of T / CCPIA 170-2021 standard and entered the ' Second Batch of Green High-quality Pesticide Products Public List ' after the association form review and organization of expert comprehensive review. The patented product Dominium ( active ingredient : 20 % flumorph · 10 % cyazofamid suspension ) of Hailir Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.was successfully shortlisted.

       Domi Tiliang is the energy cooperation between the R & D center of the group and the R & D team of Shenyang Chemical Research Institute. The current excellent compounds flumorph and cyazofamid are selected for combination. The scientific 2 : 1 formula is adopted. The patent ratio is combined with the three technologies of Hailir 's unique fungicides. Through multiple rounds of indoor and outdoor bioassay experiments, a frontier fungicide product that can effectively solve the resistance downy mildew disease and break the resistance delay period is condensed. The excellent rain erosion resistance of the product and the advanced nano production process of Hailer effectively improve and ensure the product effect and safety. After the launch of the product, its efficacy and safety have been unanimously recognized by experts and growers.  
       The award-winning of Domino 's products is a full expression of the Hailirians ' focus on the research and development of preparations and the level of innovation. It is also the most direct embodiment of the full affirmation of the quality and effect of Hailer products by the industry, customers and users, and growers. In the next step, the Group will take the opportunity of Domino 's products and high-quality brands to develop deep tillage preparations, and make greater contributions to the prevention and control of agricultural diseases, pests and weeds in China and the high-quality development of the industry.